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United Kingdom

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Invoice Date March 1, 2024
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AngelBiss Medical Technology Co.,Ltd

No. 58, Xinhualu, Dianshanhu Town, Kunshan,215345
Jiangsu, China

Tel: + 86 512-57395576
Email: Web:
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1 Restructuring Website

Website development, restructuring all graphics while maintaining content while improving SEO optimization

1 Whatsapp contact form on the site

Faster management of requests from new or current customers, now all over the world whatsapp is the fastest way to do business

1 Newsletter

Creation of a newsletter to automatically inform all customers of new promotions and many other initiatives

1 Social Management Facebook Instagram Youtube X (twitter) monthly service

Management of content publication by optimizing them with search keywords and implementing social marketing in order to obtain more followers - and updating website contents

1 Website translation

Real translation of the contents with customer automation in the source language (for example, I am a Chinese customer, the site appears in Chinese, I am Italian, I automatically see the Italian site)

1 server for website €150.000.00%€150.00
Sub Total €2,200.00
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Total Due €2,200.00

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