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Quote Date October 12, 2023
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Hi Arvin, I tried to give you a special price because I'm very interested in the Chinese market, we've been developing web and apps for 30 years now for several large companies around the world, our headquarters are in London with freelancers who have been working with us for at least 15 years. We usually work like this: we open the restructuring of the site on one of our servers and then, after confirmation from you that the work is correct, we install it on your server, avoiding blocking the website.

some examples to understand which style you like:





Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Restructuring Website https://www.angelbisshealthcare.com

Website development, restructuring all graphics while maintaining content while improving SEO optimization

1 Whatsapp contact form on the site

Faster management of requests from new or current customers, now all over the world whatsapp is the fastest way to do business

1 Newsletter

Creation of a newsletter to automatically inform all customers of new promotions and many other initiatives

1 Social Management Facebook Instagram Youtube X (twitter) monthly service

Management of content publication by optimizing them with search keywords and implementing social marketing in order to obtain more followers - and updating website contents

1 Website translation

Real translation of the contents with customer automation in the source language (for example, I am a Chinese customer, the site appears in Chinese, I am Italian, I automatically see the Italian site)

Sub Total €2,050.00
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Total €2,050.00

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