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Web development:
The web development service refers to the design, creation and maintenance of websites. Here are some key points relating to this service: ** Web design: ** This phase involves the planning and design of the website. The objectives of the site, the structure of the pages, the layout and the user experience are defined here.
** Development: ** After the design, web developers translate the code concept. This may include the use of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and the integration of databases and dynamic functionality.
** Responsive Design: ** A modern website must be accessible from different devices, such as desktop computer, tablets and smartphones. Therefore, responsive design is important to ensure optimal user experience on all platforms.
** Optimization for search engines (SEO): ** SEO optimization is crucial to improve the visibility of the website in search engines such as Google. This helps to reach a wider audience.
** Security: ** Web security is essential to protect the site and user data from cyber attacks. Safety practices such as HTTPS are used, DDOS attacks and regular software updates.
** Logo Design: **
The logo is a key element of the visual identity of a company or brand. Here’s what the logo design service involves:
** Research and analysis: ** The designer begins with the search for the company’s sector and audience. This phase helps to understand the context in which the logo will be used.
** Concept and ideation: ** Based on research, the designer generates different ideas and concepts of logo. These ideas can be presented in the form of sketches or sketches.
** Logo creation: ** Once a concept is chosen, the designer creates the logo using graphics software. This can include the choice of colors, typography and shapes.
** reviews and feedback: ** The customer provides feedback on the logo and changes can be made to obtain the desired result.
** Delivery of the files: ** In the end, the designer delivers the logo files in various formats suitable for use on different supports, such as websites, headed paper, posters, etc.
Both of these services are essential to create a strong online presence and build a distinctive brand identity. A well -designed website can serve as a showcase for a company, while a well -studied and recognizable logo will help to promote brand identity. Many companies invest in both these services to ensure an effective and professional online presence.



Installation + Logo change

  • The template will be installed on your server exactly as the demo looks. You will get access to the admin panel to manage your website.
  • We will replace the template’s logo with yours on each template page. The logo has to be of good quality in .PSD, .EPS, .PNG, .JPG format. Logo width should be 300px and 600px
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Ready-to-use Website

  • Color scheme replacement
  • Google map with your address set
  • Content and images replacement up to 6 pages (without layout change)
  • Removing elements that you do not need on your website
  • Social icons set (without changing theme layout)
  • Color scheme replacement
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Full Website Package

  • WordPress and theme installation
  • Customization of website
  • Content Development (15 royalty-free images)
  • Content setup (adding 6 pages, 6 posts, Revolution sliders)
  • SEO Essentials
  • Website speed optimization
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